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Feb 23, 2018

Plaseebo for MONSTROSITIES Show


Plaseebo is pleased to have been invited to be part of the  MONSTROSITIES Show at My Plastic Heart opening Friday March 2nd.

Here is one of the Plaseebo pieces in the show, “Gunkanjima Kaiju” A one of a kind 8” high clear vinyl X body filled with kaiju guts and 2 motion activated color-changing LED units.

This year’s exhibit features the work of 30 amazing US and Japanese Kaiju artists including the following:

Awesome Toy
Candie Bolton
Don’t Cry in the Morning
Gabriella June
Hardcore Toys
Kenth Toy Works
Mechnoiz Toys
Milkboy Toys
Monsterfoot Creations
Nate the Milkman
Paul Kaiju
Planet X
Rampage Toys
Sadism Brainman
Science Patrols
Trash Talk Toys
Violence Toy

MONSTROSITIES opens on Friday March 2nd from 7-10pm. More release info will be updated shortly.

MONSTROSITIES is curated by Guumon.

Opening Reception Friday, March 2nd, 2018 7 – 10pm
Exhibition runs through April 1st, 2018

myplasticheart toy store & gallery
210 Forsyth St.
New York NY 

Feb 22, 2018

Tenacious Toys Top 10 Customer Reward Packs for 2017


After every new year at Tenacious Toys, we look back at our sales for the previous year and tabulate our top 10 customers for that year. We always put together some kind of reward for them - a free gift to say "thank you" for supporting our little shop over the course of the year.

Loyalty is SUPREMELY important to us, professionally and personally, so we go the extra mile for our top supporters. As a tiny business, having repeat customers who come back to us time and again is literally vital to the success of our shop.

This year (for 2017), we were able to plan ahead a little bit and put together an absolutely RIGHTEOUS package for our Top 10 Customers. Each of our Top 10 will receive a custom scarf, a set of prints, a ton of stickers, a handful of pins and buttons, and assorted other awesome pieces of swag.

Below is a little bit more about who contributed to the package, and what they contributed:

Stickers and trading card sets from Kyle Kirwan, & 1 of the 2 stickers from Robots Will Kill
 Kyle Kirwan:

IG:  @kylekirwan
FB: @itsmekyle
Twitter: @kyle_kirwan

ChrisRWK Robots Will Kill
IG: @chrisrwk
Twitter: @chrisrwk
Sticker, enamel pin and trading card from Manly Art (Jason Chalker)
 Manly Art

IG: @manlyart
FB: @themanlyart 
Twitter: @manlyart
2 giant sized die cut stickers designed by Jason Meents
 Jason Meents

IG: @meentsillustrated
FB: @MeentsIllustrated
Twitter: @meentsillus
8x10" print, two 4x5" prints, sticker and business card from Otis aka Blaqlion
 Otis Blaqlion

IG: @blaqlion3toymaker
FB: @otis.arterberry
Twitter: @blaqlion3
Sticker set and enamel pin from Playful Gorilla (who also designed the Tenacious Toys logo and mascot)
 Playful Gorilla

IG: @playfulgorilla
FB: @playfulgorilla
Twitter: @playfulgorilla
Tenacious Toys Euro-style football club scarf, limited to 25
 Tenacious Toys

IG: @tenacioustoys
FB: @tenacioustoysnyc
Twitter: @tenacioustoys
Enamel pin, papercraft house and greeting card by Taylored Curiosities
 Taylored Curiosities

IG: @tayloredcurios
FB: @tayloredcurios
Twitter: @tayloredcurios
Postcard and a couple randomly packed resin figures and magnets by UME Toys
 UME Toys

IG: @richpage
FB: @umetoys
Twitter: @umetoys
Pins and stickers by We Become Monsters
 We Become Monsters

IG: @webecomemonsters
FB: @webecomemonsters
Twitter: @webecomemonster
Multiple pin sets and stickers from Zombies & Toys
Zombies & Toys
IG: @zombiesandtoys
Twitter: @zombiesandtoys
Character wall graphics from the Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse
 Four Horses of the ‘Pocalypse by Bigshot Toyworks

IG: @the4horsies
FB: @theFourHorsies
Twitter: @the4horsies
Enamel Baby Fatts pin and sticker, plus business cards from Big C aka Colin Hoffman
 Big C

IG: @big_c_art
FB: @BigC.artwork
Keychain/backpack hanger from Goblin Fruit Studio aka Carissa Swenson

Goblin Fruit Studio (Carissa Swenson)
IG: @goblinfruitstudio
FB: @GoblinfruitStudio
Twitter: @gfstudio
8x10" prints from Dead Hand Toys (each customer gets one or the other)

 Dead Hand Toys

IG: @deadhandtoys
FB: @deadhandtoys
Twitter: @deadhandtoys

5-piece sticker set from Forces of Dorkness

Forces of Dorkness
IG: @forceodorkness
Twitter: @forceodorkness

At Tenacious Toys we realize that the vibrancy of the lowbrow art / designer toy scene is entirely dependent on the artists and small / indy businesses that consistently put interesting art out onto the market, and we are well aware that our place here in this community is secondary to the success of these artists. We hope that all of you reading this post might discover a new name in the list above, and go check them out and follow them.


Each of the contributors to our packs are personal friends of ours, good people deserving of your support. Explore these artists and what they offer and you will surely find new and wonderful art to appreciate.

With love and respect,

Benny & Steph
Tenacious Toys

Feb 16, 2018

A Sit Down with Boy In The Corner


So it's no secret in the designer toy world that there's an art battle going on between Boy In The Corner and The 3D Hero. We here at Tenacious.Ninja took the time to sit down with these two artistic brutes and find out what's driving them through this competition.

Quick Review:
 Just in case you missed it, there's been some banter between these two artists via Instagram. It began with small, sly comments on each other's posts but on January 31st it appears that The 3D Hero decided to see who's the better artist once and for all and officially called out Boy In The Corner.
Needless to say as dramatic as The 3D Hero is, he created a video with all the specs that you can see here.

Now for the good stuff!
Heath Duntz aka Boy In The Corner was gracious enough to take a few minutes off the battlefield to answer a few quick questions for us. Let's see what he has to say:

Pryncx Mydnyte: Thanks for agreeing to meet with me Boy In The Corner. I know things are pretty crazy right now with you preparing your piece.

Boy In The Corner: Sure thing! This is my first interview so I'm rather excited.

PM: Is this your first battle?

BTC: I guess? lol. I've done many shows but I've never been challenged personally. Honestly, I've been doing this for a long time and this is the first time I've seen something like this.

PM: In that sense, do you feel like you guys are making history?

BTC: In a way. I see this as a way to keep stepping up the toy game. This is also a way for us as artists to learn all types of new techniques.

PM: So why an art battle?

BTC: It's a good platform to showcase what exactly each artist is capable of. A lot of us are invited to be in various shows and we're limited by that show's theme. This way we can do what we want, when we want and how we want.

PM: Can you tell us ,without saying, what we can expect from your piece?
BTC: The platform that we're using for this competition is the TEQ63 by Quiccs (3D's choice). He chose the theme of Earth. I chose water. Just know that there will be high quality marble and glass.

PM: What's the overall goal of this battle? Charity? Dominance? Bragging Rights?
BTC: It's all in fun :) ... Well for me it is.

PM: When is the big debut?
BTC:  You can expect to see teasers for the rest of the month. The official unveiling date is TBA but it will for certain be some time in March. Stay tuned for that.

PM: Do you have any words for The 3D Hero?
BTC:  I'm always up for a good challenge! I couldn't be happier to have you as an opponent!

Thanks again to Boy In The Corner for doing this interview with us! Be sure to follow all the battle banter on  Tenacious.Ninja , Boy In The Corner's Instagram Page and The 3D Hero's Instagram page.

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